Rookie Cookie? Wassat?

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Rookie Cookie?  Wassat?

A learner cook…..everyone can cook if they do the right thing at the right time to the right ingredients.  This is where you can start.

 Land of Singledom:

Not cooked before?     Your situation…..It might be that you are someone who is simply living alone; you may have lost a partner or suffered a broken relationship.  You might even be the original ‘Billy-No-Mates’ for all I care!   Whatever your reason, you’ve still got to eat, eat economically and eat wisely.  Living in the land of singledom is very much like that of early studenthood but without the boring lectures, the endless assignment work – and the great abundance of attractive creatures of the opposite sex.      Dammit.

Although our wonderful Aunty Delia (the Sainted Delia Smith) did a book and TV series that was all about ‘cheating’, she actually cheated by using all sorts of costly ready-prepared products and so it was all about assembling ready-sliced, pre-chopped, pre-packed and packeted food.  Cost.  Money.  That’s ok if you have the wonga.

Aunty DeeDee did not have the same emphasis on low-cost, unprepared, rookie-cookie, fresh, whole, raw and unprocessed food as I have given things here.   However, even having said that, her excellent, long-written and recently revised book entitled ‘Frugal Food’ does cover some common ground as this; but even then it doesn’t following a truly common philosophical methodology as you will find here.

You see, the wonderful Aunty Delia is really brilliant at what she does, but when it comes to this sort of cooking:  that of being an absolute cheapskate when cooking for one or two….. well, modesty stops me from completing the sentence.   (Yeah, right!)

Our major Norwich-supporting Aunty Dee knows about this book (not in this form – I have only mentioned conventional paper to her) and has given me permission to refer to and duplicate certain bits of her work for you – just so long as I include certain statements and I don’t mention football.

I think I mentioned football once, but I might just have got away with it!

Aunty D said that I must also put this ‘ere……..

Copyright Delia Smith 1978 – Delia’s Complete Cookery Course

Extracts reproduced by permission from BBC Worldwide

Delia Smith really cares about the inexperienced cook and genuinely wants to help improve the health of the nation (even more than she already has).  I say “Give ‘er a bigger gong!”  She’s certainly helped Great Britain to become a healthier nation, and she’s still trying.     Only a CBE?               Dame Delia is what I’d say! 

(Well, I didn’t ‘arf fancy ‘er when she was on Saturday Swap Shop with Uncle Noel back in the Dark Ages!)   Calm down, Colin……..take a tablet.


Life’s too short to be miserable or unhappy.  No sooner than we’ve figured out what life’s about than we’re too friggin’ old to do anything about it!

This unconventional offering of how to cook for rookies is a humorous on-line cookbook.  I want you to cook up smiles as well as nice food.  If this was in paper form, I wouldn’t want it to languish on a bookshelf next to the latest colourful literary offering from one of the many celebrity chefs, however good that book might be (I even looked into having the cover made in a shape that wouldn’t sit in a bookshelf, but then the printer asked how I’d expect to sell it……. valid point…..)    No, this ‘selectively printed reference’ is intended, when you’ve printed bits out, to live its life between getting stained and mucky in the kitchen and kicking around and getting beer-soaked on the pub table so that it gets to be read and enjoyed by yourself and your friends.

There are lots of survival tips for the new/reticent/incompetent/cack-handed cook and has been written to interest you, the cook (however reticent, unpractised or just plain crappy you are), rather than to conform to the business-driven, profit-centred preconceptions of an editor or a publisher.

A chef who read a draft copy of this book through for me before I decided to pop it on the net said that it was ‘an honest book of good cooking’ and that it was the first cookbook that she couldn’t put down because she wanted to know how the recipe ended!  That’s what I want to achieve; to reach potential cooks that other cookbooks cannot reach (to borrow rather clumsily from an old and much-used TV ad slogan).


Photo: Chris Wiles Photography