Chorizo-speared Chicken

Yes, SPEARED!  Or INJECTED!  No photo – sorry.  It just wasn’t possible to take a photo as it was consumed so quickly.

Ok, SO I FORGOT!  Anyway, it’s easy.

For 4 people, find:

  • 4 large chicken breasts, each cut into 4 pieces, lengthways.
  • A chorizo sausage, or, failing that, sliced chorizo in a pack.
  • Chicken stock – or 2 chicken stock cubes and a mug of boiling water
  • Oil/Frylight
  • Seasonings as nec
  • Oven foil
  • Oven tray/dish
  • Frying pan
  • A long-bladed sharp knife

Method A:  (Chorizo in a sausage)

  • Cut the chorizo sausage into 32 batons about 3mm thick and 5 cms long (about 1/8″ thick and 2″ long in old money).
  • Take each of the 16 chicken pieces (hopefully all the same-ish sizes) and spear them to make a 2″ deep hole from each end, then wiggle it about to ensure that the hole will take the baton of chorizo, making it vanish from view.

Method B:  (Chorizo in a pack of slices)

  • Cut each slice of chorizo into two.
  • Take each of the 16 chicken pieces (hopefully all the same-ish sizes) and spear them to make small incisions to take each curled-up piece of chorizo, however many that might be.  Leave them sticking out of each incision like mouse ears.  It’ll look fun!

Method both: (in other words, continue from either A or B…..)

  • Lay all double-chorizo-speared chicken pieces into an oven tray/dish and chuck the stock over the top.
  • Season as you wish.  Remember that chorizo tends to already have an amount of salt, so……
  • Cover with foil and pop into a medium oven set at about Gas5/375F/190C for a while.  How long?  How long to drink a glass of wine?  How do I know how big your wine glasses are?  Waddaya mean “Red or white”?  I don’t care!  Oh, I suppose 20 minutes or so then.  Or more.  Or less.  This is not described as “Approximation Cookery for nuthin’ y’know!
  • Whenever it sees daylight again, remove the foil, take out the chicken and chuck (get it?) into a frying pan with a little oil or fry light and get ’em sizzlin’.  You want colour on the chicken.  Not for long.  No, YOU decide… can see the friggin’ colour…..
  • Use the stock to make a gravy if you wish (or sauce, if you’re posh).
  • Serve with whatever you feel like.  .  We had my lovely wild, red and basmati rice mixture (look it up in the recipe bank!) and sugar snap & baby corn.
  • I actually put the stock into a previously made jarred-red-pepper sauce (the one that I said should be illegal cos it’s so friggin’ easy!).  It was luvverley!




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