Mash with lush!


Yesterday, whilst visiting good friends just a bit north and slightly inland of us, they reminded me of a nice way to enrich/enrichen/make more gorgeousified our old friend the ubiquitous mashed spud.  We were just knocking around some ideas about just about anything and everything and one of the couple…. we’ll call him Jason; cos that’s his name….. mentioned the old trick of putting an egg in mash.  I confess, I had forgotten this, and him mentioning it brought it back from deep in the depths of my brain – and it’s deep, believe me!, so I thought that I’d mention it here.  The thing that is really significant is that under Slimming World (to my mind the better system of planned weight loss), eggs are ‘free’.  Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay for ’em, it means that they can be freely used – you can have as many as you like.  Of course, if you take it as completely correct, a diet of twelve dozen eggs in a week might cause you a bit of bother, and you’d probably have to do what the accountant does…..

… it out with a pencil…..

…… but eggs don’t have amy ‘syn value’, so popping an egg yolk into mash is a great idea.  Milk, cream, butter, yak fat, etc all have syns, but eggs don’t.

Now, I have a S/W expert to whom I’m going to mention this, but on the face of it, it looks like the old memory bank has been re-enlivened (or simply woked-up). – enjoy your more engorgeousened mash! (I love inventing words 🙂 )

Happiness….it seems that it’s right.  Ok, that’s for me next…….


Simple Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (so easy, it must be illegal!)

Honest, it’s so easy that there has to be a law against it.

  • Go into Lidl or Aldi (other budget supermarkets are available…..) and grab a jar of roasted red peppers off the shelf.
  • Pay the pittance that they cost
  • Open the jar and take out three peppers.  You’ll find that they’re all floppy, but then, if YOU’D been in that jar all that time, you wouldn’t be all that……  OK, I digress.
  • Drain them off, but don’t dry them.  Pop ’em into a food processor/liquidiser and blitz ’em.
  • Hey Presto/Abracadabra (other magic type exclamations are available….) and you have a wonderful sauce.
  • Add either balsamic vinegar or Worcestershire sauce to give it piquancy if you wish, but it’s hardly necessary.
  • Use it with white fish, chicken, seafood……