Unusual way to use-up leftover curry…

One of the most important things to learn to do in cooking is what best to do with leftovers.  SO MANY people waste leftovers because they simply don’t know what is possible.  I say: “Be brave”.

Yesterday’s Turkey-ish curry leftovers were due to be used up, so I jokingly told Jan that I’d put pasta with it.  I was being silly.  Jan thought momentarily about this and then said…. “That’d be nice!”

It was lovely!  I bolstered out the curry with a bit of the garlic & ginger tomato sauce that I’d made for use with some Toulouse sausages, a couple of spoons of another veggie ‘gravy’ thing and some chunks of cold chicken.  The short linguini pasta twists were cooked lightly, and used instead of the conventional rice.  It worked a treat!

The lesson to learn?

Don’t just follow the norm all the while.  If  rebel mixture of Curry + Pasta = Delicious, so it follows that so many other unconventional combinations may also be very successful.

BE BRAVE……and don’t waste food.

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