Chicken breast cooked in fridge jelly (UGH – sounds AWFUL!)….but it’s lovely.

Jelly chick 5Jelly chick 7Jelly chick 9Before, after & plated.

Chicken breast, even if stuffed with something nice, can turn out quite dry if oven-cooked.  This method avoids that dry, grainy texture that can just take the edge off a lovely meal.

But Fridge Jelly.  Sounds GROSS!

So, just what is this friggin’ FRIDGE JELLY?

Well, if you put half a dozen chicken thighs into an oven dish, add about half a cup of water and cover with foil, cooking them in a 180C oven for about 90 minutes, you not only get fall-off-the-bone chicken meat that is great for chicken salad, chicken pasta and other things nice, you also get an amount of liquid that can be poured into a cup and popped into the fridge.  As it cools, it separates, conveniently, into a layer of fat atop a jelly of stock.  Discarding the fat layer into a can or yogurt pot or something, it can be put into the bin, leaving the jelly.

“Don’t Waste Taste”.  That’s what I say.  This jellified stock is not quite fat-free, but it’s not bad at all.  This is how I used it on this occasion…..

For two people, find:

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 onion (You know that I prefer red, but whatever you have.  Avoid blue…..)
  • Red pepper – amount as you wish; this book is not called Approximation Cookery for nothing!
  • Little new spuds – Charlotte, Exquisa, Grenaille, Ratte or similar
  • Stuffing for the chicken – I used a low-fat cream cheese, but you can use ham, spinach, bacon….just about anything…..goat’s cheeses is lovely in a chicken breast.  (Using kippers as a stuffing is not recommended)
  • Seasonings, etc
  • A splash of water.


  • Sharpen your knife.
  • Cut the chicken breast horizontally, halving its thickness, almost right through.  Open it like a book.  Place whatever you intend to use as a stuffing into it, add whatever seasoning ou want and close the ‘book’.
  • If you wish, you could wrap the closed chicken breast in bacon, but I wanted to keep it open to see how the method would help keep it moist.
  • Place the chicken breasts into a deep oven dish.
  • Chop the pepper and the onion into smallish bits and sprinkle over.
  • Put the baby new spuds all around the dish, snuggling against the chicken breasts.
  • Give the fridge cup a mix up with a fork and pour the jelly over the contents of the oven dish.  Spread it about evenly and add a splash of water.
  • Not exactly demanding so far, is it…..?
  • Neither is this bit….. put it into an oven set at about 180-200C for about 45 minutes.
  • Do your veg.  I cooked French beans and carrot batons in a saucepan in a chicken Oxo stock, but you do what y’want.
  • Plate up, complete with the spuds, onion and pepper mixture.

Enjoy the flavours!

……..and you thought you couldn’t cook?

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