BOMB-elette – an omelette, but with a surprise…..

I do love me omelettes.

Bacon in the pan, in chunks, three eggs quickly beaten, flop it over. Done.

But I’ve recently been wanting to save eggwhites for messing about with meringues.  Thus, I have amassed yolks.  I’ve been popping another yolk into the omelette mix, making it richer, but if you put in too many, the omelette starts to solidify upon cooking.

The Bombelette consists of an omelette with an extra yolk just plopped into the middle of one ‘hemisphere’ of the setting mixture, and then the omelette is folded in half, enclosing the very lightly cooked yolk.  then, when the knife goes through it, hey presto!, an egg-yolk bomb!

Try it.  I haven’t found this idea anywhere else yet, so it really is a fresh idea from my own head, but I’m no so conceited to think that no-one has ever done it before; after all, if a pleb like me can think of it……….

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