Salmon & Cucumber cuts (weight loss canapes)

So we all (well, just about all) need to lose a little weight.  I have been with Slimming World (which I heartily recommend) for a couple of years now and it’s working nicely.

My group is having a ‘food tasting’ session on Thursday evening.  What should I take?

Well, having done a little research, my decision is made.   I am going to take a couple of cucumbers, peel them and halve them lengthways and scoop out the centres so that I have four long canoes.  A little fat-free fromage frais (try saying that after a few alcoholic syns) spread into the bottom of two of the halves, with smoked salmon strips laid over it is a good start.  Then use a can of salmon (in brine), drained, thoroughly mixed with fat-free Quark and heavily seasoned with freshly ground black pepper, salt and a hefty pinch of dried dill to fill the other two cucumber halves.  Put the halves together, neatly trim off the ends (and scoff), sticking cocktail sticks through the cucumber side to side to hold the sides together and then cut between the sticks to end up with individual bite-sized portions of salmony loveliness.

Sprinkle blue poppy seeds over them to give a visual appeal.

It isn’t Slimming World approved, but it’s along their lines.

(Photos may follow if I remember to take them when I make the dish……)

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