Reduced Sugar Bramble Jelly – in the Microwave!

Also see Lucy’s Microwave Jam.

This time I took blackberries.  Mediteranean blackberries, picked in the Med sun at 34 degs C   in the shade!  I really do enjoy living down here.

I took just over a pound of blackberries, washed them and put them into a Pyrex bowl, putting 8 oz of caster sugar on top.  I added the juice of a lemon.  I wish I had zested the lemon and put that in as well.  Perhaps you could try that for me, please.

Mix.  Put the top on – that’s important.

4 mins on 600W.  Mix.

Pop a small plate into the freezer for a test plate.

4 mins on 600W. Mix

…and again…

…and again until it is quite liquid.  Then use a seive to seive off the liquid, pressing the berries with a large spoon so that all the juice goes through the seive.  Discard the solids.

4 mins on 600W. Stir.

….and again….. until it looks syrupy…

Take a blob and pop it on the cold plate, putting it back into the freezer for a inute or so.

Draw your finger through the blob and see if it looks and feels like jam.  If it does……. you just made bramble jelly.  If not, keep on with the microwave.

Pour it into a jar that has been through the dishwasher and voila!  Reduced sugar Bramble Jelly.

You can just pour it into a plastic container instead (cooled a little first) and use it from that.  You ain’t gonna be able to keep it cos it’s too scrummy!

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