Lucy’s Scrummy Microwave Jam

Cor!    What a disovery!     When Lucy told me that she makes Apricot jam with fresh apricots….in the microwave…. I was interested.  Very interested.

Here it is.  It’s complex; long and involved…. not!

Put a small plate into the freezer and leave it there until I tell you.  Go on…. do it….. you’ll see later why.

Take 4 ounces of whatever fleshy fruit, or thereabouts.  I’m greedy, so I used 7.  Add the same weight of caster sugar.  In France, this is sucre en poudre.  Put this into a Pyrex or similar glass casserole with a lid.  Mix it up with a wooden spoon.  Put on the lid.

Pop it into a microwave.  Now this is where I made a mistake:  I omitted to ask Lucy what power microwave she had used, and, as it turned out, we had a more powerful one, my first attempt came out like boiled sweets.  BUT NO MATTER.  You’ll see later how we got over it…..

Put the microwave on between 600 and 700 watts.  Set it going for 4 minutes.

Take it out and mix.  Don’t get your human flesh anywhere near to sugar at this heat.  You’ll cook.  Yourself.  Use the wooden spoon.

Now set it for 2 minutes on the same power level.  Take out and mix.

You may need to this a few times, but when you think it might look a bit thick and unliquid (if that’s a word….and I don’t really care if it’s not because it describes….) just pop a blob on the plate that’s in the freezer, and pop it back in for few mo’s.  Take it out and run the back of a teaspoon through the blob on the plate.  If it looks and feels like jam…… it’s jam.

Pour it all into a sterilised jar (been through the dishwasher) and screw the top on and you’re done.

Ok….. now what about our jar of boiled sweets….the overdone jam of my first attempt?  Well all I did was to incorporate it all into a mixture that had had its first 4 mins, and did 2 mins more…..and it was perfect.

And all this in twenty minutes that were available before going out to dine at La Pena in Port la Nouvelle.   I’s a clever bugger now’n’then!

(Well, actually, it wasn’t me who was the clever one, but………..!)

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