Peyriac-en-Mer lunch menu

Peyriac-en-Mer Lunchtime Menu (Near to Narbonne)

We dropped in to Peyriac en Mer, down here in southern France, and went to la Veille Tonneaux.  I have to be honest and declare openly that this is where the menu came from.  I cannot take the credit for this at all.  This is experiential not inspirational.  And it was not at all expensive either.     Well…… were we lucky to experience this?  YES!

Three superb but simple courses.

  1.  Salad de thon et couscous (Tuna couscous salad)

This was a cold couscous base, done in a veg stock with fresh diced tomatoes, peppers, etc, with cooked carrot pieces, French beans, chopped, and tinned tuna chunks.  There was a lovely piquant dressing that seemed to involve lemon juice & olive oil.

  1. Filet mignon du porc  dans sauce moutard et legumes (pork fillet in a mustard sauce with veg)

This was pork fillet, sliced at an angle (to make them long) to 1cm thickness, cooked to perfection in a sauce of whole grain mustard and stock, finished off with a dollop of crème fraiche, with a mixture of aubergine & courgette sticks, cooked very well in a pork stock.  ……and chips….. but it would be lovely with a nice rice instead.

  1. Ananas sous un sorbet citron vert avec des feuilles de menthe (Pineapple under a lime sorbet with mint leaves).

As the title suggests, this was pineapple in small cubes, with a boule of lime sorbet on the top and mint leaves.  I knew that the mint would go with the sorbet but I was amazed how well it went with the pineapple.

All in all, a very good menu at a very reasonable price.  If you are in the area, try la Veille Tonneaux at Peyriac en Mer.

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