Scrummy Pulled Lamb Pot (or Piggie….)

‘Pulled’ meats are scrummy in general, but I was very chuffed with this one, I confess..

This method can be used for lamb or pork equally.  The reason for doing this was that we managed to buy a fore-quarter of a lamb at a reasonable price in Super U and when I split the box into bags and popped it in our miniscule freezer, I boned -out the shoulder so that it would take up less room, and then brought it out when our lad came over here (to France) to see us and I thought I’d use a good stock that we had instead of the pot-roast oil & water.

Quantities are not possible to quote, sorry.  It’s Approximation Cookery again! (There’ll be a Kindle book with that title on Amazon soon…. end of July 2016 I’d imagine….. that you might like to have a gander at).  So there’ll not be the normal rubric at the start of the recipe.  

You need:

Shoulder of lamb or pork


Prunes, apricots…. some sort of fruit content (but it is optional)


String-type string (not plastic….. and no bailer twine if you’s country folk….)

Large saucepan and lid (or a plate to pretend that it’s a lid)

About 8 hours.

Just do this:

Ask the butcher to bone the shoulder of lamb/pork for you, or sharpen a knife and do it yourself.  It won’t matter if you make wrong cuts, it’s all gonna be pulled apart later, so….. go on, get on with it.  A longish knife with a narrowish blade is best.  A wide-bladed Chef’s knife is not so good for this; you need a narrowish blade.  You should have a go because it will help your knife skills improve.

Ok, so you have a boned-out shoulder of something (I wonder what alpacca tastes like? …. or camel? ) and it’s sitting in front of you on the chopping board.  Open it out and unfold it as much as you can, even making more cuts to open it up further if you wish.  You’re gonna stuff it.

Put breadcrumbs (indeterminate amount), something like chopped up prunes, apricots…. whatever in a bowl and season it well.  Lots of ground black pepper, whatever herbs you like.  Scrunch it all together with a well-washed hand.  You might want to put a splash of water in just to make it stick together better.Spread it all over the flesh side of the shoulder.

Roll it up.  Either that or fold it all towards the centre.

String it up.  No, don’t execute it from a gallows….. just tie one loop around the middle and tie it off, then cut off the straggly bits.  Tie one loop in the other direction.  Tie it off and cut.  Do this as many times as necessary to make a reasonably secure parcel of meat with the stuffing inside.

Put the stock/gravy/soup/sauce that you’ve found in the fridge into the saucepan on the stove and put the tinyest heat possible under it.(remember what you should do with fats….?  Put them into a cup and itothe fridge, and then when the fat has solidified on the top, discard it into a bag/tin/yogurt pot and tie it into a bag as much as poss, and use the jelly below the fat as your stock….yeah?  YEAH!  You remembered!)

Pop your parcel, all neatly tied, into the stock and put the lid on.  So long as it is the lowest of the low heat possible, it’ll be fine.  Now bugger off for four hours.

After about 4-5 hours, take the lid off and have a poke about.  Perhaps turn the package over.  Prise a bit away from it and have a taste.  Yummy, yes?  Yes.   A bit bouncy in texture, yes?  Good.  Now sod off for another three hours leaving the package to cook some more. You’ll  be fine  just so long as it’s a tight-fitting lid or plate.

Make some mash and a bit o’veg, and have it ready.  Take the lamb/pork out and pop it onto a plate.  Cut and discard the string.  Use two forks to pull it all apart, pour some gravy over it and serve.

Approximation Cookery, and YUMMY!


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