Turkey Escalopes in breadcrumbs:

‘Breading’ is eeeeezeeeee!

…..Turkey escalopes in breadcrumbs:

There are several methods of breading, but I’ll only mention two, and do one.

An ‘escalope’ is a flattened out bit of meat.  Turkey, veal, chicken and pork  are the common ones, but you could do pheasant, ……whatever.

Prep:          20 mins.

Cooking:      10 mins……plus the rest of the bits’n’bobs….

Course:        Lunch/Main/Dinner party

Serves:        As many as the number of pieces….

Rating:         2.  Easy. You can do it…… YEAH!


  • Breadcrumbs
  • A lump o’meat
  • Cling film
  • An egg
  • Flour, seasoned nicely, if you’re gonna use it.  If not, forget the flour.


Take a flattish lump of meat, place it on a good strong cling film and spread it outs as far as it will go.  Then fold the film over the top.  Make sure there’s plenty of spare cling film all around because…….

You’re gonna bash it!  Bash it, roll it, bash it, roll it and carry on un til it has been spread out to whatever thickness (or thinness) you wish.





Bash it, roll it.  Bash it, ro……

…..and when it’s nice’n’thin, you can apply the breadcrumbs.

You can cover it in seasoned flour first, should you wish.  I like the use of seasoned flour as it ensures that the seasoning gets to the meat itself.

Then dip into the egg.  It is simply one egg, beaten in a bowl with a fork.  Nuthin’ fancy; just egg.

3….then into the breadcrumbs (See Tricks’n’Tips for both fresh and dried breadcrumbs; it doesn’t matter which you use for this.)


4Ensure it is well covered.  Use a spoon to push more crumbs onto the escalope.  Then fry it so that it browns.  Don’t over cook it, whatever it is.  Serve it with whatever you wish…..

5….as long as it includes wine and pride!

Oh yes….. and don’t waste the unused egg and breadcrumbs.  Mix ’em together with a dried herb or sumfin’ and make a pattie.  Fry that too, and enjoy it as a garnish.

Told y’it were eeezeeeee!

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