Prep:           10 mins.

Cooking:      15 mins.

Course:        Main

Serves:        As many as…..

Rating:         2:  Easy

Inexpensive – and it looks impressive too.


  • Pork – one chunk (see Tesco Value pork) per person, as cheap as you like.
  • Peppers – as many whatever colour old wrinkly ones as you have.
  • Mushrooms – ditto.
  • Rice – see start of this section or Tricks’n’Tips.
  • Variations – see Variations (unsurprisingly).
  • Oven (roasting) tin
  • Frying pan (preferably with a lid)
  • Ceramic oven/serving dishes


  • If you have a glut of soft, wrinkly red, yellow or orange peppers (even including green, at a push) – or can get hold of a few at a very cheap price (final hours of the local market can be most productive) and some cheap pork in the freezer from the local supermarket’s reduced cabinet, you have the basics. One piece of pork per person will be required (You know the size of pork that is normally regarded as one serving…….. a chunk, a pork chop-sized bit…….. no, I do not mean one great big joint per person!). 
  • Put the pork in the tin, pour just a little olive oil on top and a good splash of water in the tin, then put the pork into the oven at about 190°C for around 45 minutes to roast in its open tin.
  • Chop a couple of medium or one good sized onion (or you could use an old & wrinkled leek instead….I have) & sauté (slowly fry without browning, keeping it moving in the pan) on a low heat in a largish, oiled open frying pan (one with a lid is good, but you can’t stir it whilst the lid is on….).
  • Randomly chop up your old, wrinkled peppers to throw in after about ten minutes, when the onions have just started to colour (you can, if you wish, remove the skin, but certainly remember to discard the seeds).
  • Slice as many mushrooms as you have (again, wrinkled ones are fine for this) and throw them in as well.
  • Put half a cup of water, or so, into the pan & pop on the lid, bring to the boil then turn the heat to the lowest setting possible and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Check occasionally to make sure that they are just steaming and not burning.
  • Do not use your smoke alarm as a timer.
  • Prepare your rice – see Delia’s perfect rice. Saint Delia has the best rice recipe in the world.  Time your rice to finish just as the pork finishes.
  • When the pork is done, put the pepper mixture and the remaining liquid into a warmed dish and place the pork pieces on top. Serve the rice in another warmed dish with a chunk of parsley on top or sprinkle with dried parsley (it’ll hydrate with the water vapour coming off).

Hey presto  Pork’n’Peppers.


You could really push the boat out and put a Campbell’s/Bachelors cream of mushroom soup into the pepper mixture; alternatively throw in a cheap can of chopped tomatoes and a little tomato purée just to ring the changes.

Got any soft cheese or Stilton that might be a little past its best (and probably quite smelly) left over?  If you have, just pare off the rind and discard it, retaining as much of the body of the cheese as possible and chop it up.  Stir that into the meat mixture so that it melts and disperses and it will just flavour of the meat that little bit for it to become a touch more robust.  It doesn’t matter which base you use (canned tomatoes or Campbell’s condensed soup) as it blends in beautifully with both.

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