Grilled rump steak: (Steak’n’sumfin’)

Grilled rump steak:  (Steak’n’sumfin’) 

Prep:           15 mins.

Cooking:      About 10 mins.

Course:        Main

Serves:         ?

Rating:         3 – Moderate – just have the confidence that you can do it

Find for two people:

  • 2 steaks of some sort; as thick as you can get ‘em
  • Veg oil
  • Seasonings

Although this is listed as grilled rump, it could be sirloin or almost any other ‘steak’ cut of beef.  Not quick-fry steak though, as we’re grilling it (so what would you do with a quick-fry steak?  ….fry it, of course; very quickly – a matter of a minute on each side), and you’d treat fillet steak a little differently as well.

Ok, grilling steak in general:

  • Take the grill pan out of the grill (important) and pre-heat the grill for ten minutes; it needs to be hot before the steak goes under but the pan needs to be cold. Make sure that the delay button has been pressed on the smoke alarm to save your eardrums.
  • Get the steaks out of the fridge. Oil them all over with a vegetable oil (not olive) and put them onto a plate.  Season all over with a little black pepper. 
  • Set your plates to warm a little (not a lot if you are having salad).
  • Have the other things ready, because once the steaks are under the grill there’s no going back; so ensure that any chips, spuds, veg, onions, salad or whatever you are doing to go with the steaks are already done.

Don’t let the salad go cold, will you…….

  • Ok, steaks onto the cold metal bars of the grill pan and under they go.
  • To my mind, a well-done steak is as appealing as a sock in the teeth (the sock still having the foot inside). Any steak should be at the very least, pink in the middle.  I like rare steak, but it has to be good steak to be eaten rare and I’m sure that you’ve not gone out and bought the best steak.  You can’t afford it.  So, let’s go for medium.
  • After four minutes under the hot grill, remove the grill pan, turn the steak over and dribble just an incy-wincy, tiny bit more oil onto the uncooked side; spreading it with a well-washed finger end (you can wash all of your fingers at the same time to do this – not just your spreading finger).
  • Back under the grill they go – the steaks, not your fingers. Open the kitchen window as the smoke is becoming more like a fog.  Put the extractor fan on.  Get your warmed plates ready.
  • After two minutes on the second side, take out the grill pan, use a knife or scissors to cut a slit in the edge of the steak to have a look-see how they’re cooking. If the centre is pink, you are done.  It it’s really blood-red, it needs a further minute (if it’s grey right through, it’s over-done!).  When cooked to perfection, transfer them on to the plates and pop a sheet of foil over them for a couple of mins to rest (important) whilst you get the other bits ready.
  • Take off their foil hats and put the accompaniments with the steaks on the plate. Ensure there are no splashes on the sides of the plates, and serve.
  • Done; steak’n’sumfin’.

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