Flo’s French Pork & Bean Stack:

Flo’s French Pork & Bean Stack:

Prep:           5 mins.

Cooking:      50 mins.

Course:        Main

Serves:        2

Rating:         2:  Easy

For 2 people, find:

  • 2 ‘value’ pork chops or steaks
  • EVOO (Extra-Virgin Olive Oil)
  • Butter if you have it
  • One can of either red kidney beans, flageolet beans, butter beans, haricot beans or other similar beans (whatever their confusing names). If cooking for eight, have one of each.
  • A clove of garlic, crushed, for each pair of people (8 people = 4 cloves)
  • Seasonings (pulses generally take lots of seasoning readily)
  • A good knob of butter
  • Frying pan or griddle pan (y’know, one of those poser/cheffie frying pan thingies with grooves in the base…) – even a barbecue
  • Food processor (essential for this)


  • Rub oil into all sides and edges of the pork and put it on to cook using whatever method you like (if barbecuing, wrap the pork in foil and put a drop or two of scotch in the parcel too).
  • The pork will take about 10 minutes each side over a reasonable heat. Keep your eye on them, not allowing them to burn, but to brown nicely (remember what my father always said…..

”When it’s brown, it’s done.    When it’s black, it’s BUGGERED”

  • Put about half of the can of beans (thoroughly rinsed in a colander under the cold tap – especially red kidney beans) into a pan.
  • Peel and crush the garlic (see Tricks’n’Tips) into the pan as well, followed by the knob of soft butter and a third of a mug of water (that’s a normal mug, not one of these super-sized, super-trendy, super-latte mugs).
  • Add seasoning (not too much, but remember that pulses can take a good amount) and heat through. The beans are cooked already, but the garlic isn’t, so it will take a while to attack the ‘wham’ of the garlic and to mellow it into more of a ‘thud’.  The mixture will not have a great deal of liquid so keep it moving.
  • Put the contents of the pan into a food processor with its normal blade and reduce it to a pulp or purée.
  • Pop it all back into the pan and put a lid on to keep warm.
  • The other half (or halves) of the can(s) of beans can be just warmed though gently but thoroughly in a mixture of butter and olive oil, seasoned with coarsely ground black pepper.
  • Assemble the ‘stack’ by splodging a splodge of the bean puree onto a warmed plate, popping the porky bit on top and then pouring the rest of the whole beans on top, some gracefully topping over the side in a devil-may-care, rebellious manner……….. flowery words for ‘and some’ll fall down.’
  • Serve with Flo’s French tomato salad (See Tricks’n’Tips).

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