Cheaty Lazy Pud:

Cheaty Lazy Pud:

Easiest recipe in the book.    (Muddimer ‘Taste to Effort ratio’ of 1000:1)

Prep:       60 secs.

Cooking: None.

Course:   Dessert

Serves:     As many as…..

Rating:    0:  Untrained chimps could do this (whilst asleep)


  • Pot of Greek yogurt (full fat/low fat/0% fat – take yer pick)
  • Meringue lumps in a tub from t’supermarket
  • Plastic squeeeezy bottle of maple syrup


  • Take the top off the yogurt and spoon/pour into bowls
  • Break a couple of meringue lumps on top.
  • Flip the lid back on the maple surple, invert and squeeze.
  • Eat

Cor,  That was a lot of work, eh?  Don’t it taste nice though.

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