Braised Tasty Tickers:

Braised Tasty Tickers:


Prep:           10 mins.

Cooking:      A couple of hours or so, checking after an hour.     Ideally 3+

Course:        Main

Serves:        4

Rating:         3:  Moderate

One of the cheapest meat groups is offal.  It may sound unconventional, I know, but in fact it’s friggin’ tasty as well as being a bargain.  Take these tasty tickers, for example – I love ‘em.  For the meat bit, it costs just pence per person, and it really does taste great.  They need long and low slow cooking, so you won’t have any last-minute thrashing around in the kitchen at meal time, just do a bit o’mash and bit o’veg, and you’re there.


  • 6 lamb’s hearts
  • 1 large potato
  • Onions
  • Can of tomatoes
  • Stock cube
  • Whole grain mustard
  • Seasoning
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Casserole dish with lid


  • Wash the hearts and dry them on kitchen towel. Use the scissors to snip away anything tube-like from the top and the largest bits of fat.
  • Cut each heart into 6 pieces and put them into the casserole dish with a rustically, roughly sliced onion or three, the herbs, the can of tomatoes, a dollop of whole grain mustard and the crumbled stock cube.
  • Peel the potato and cut into very small cubes, to disintegrate in the cooking. Pop that in too.  Mix it all thoroughly.
  • If there is any meat sticking out of the mixture, push it down or add water to just about cover it.  You could put foil over the top or put a lid on.
  • Stir well. Put into an oven at gas mk 4 for at least an hour – best if you give ‘em much more.
  • Take out after an hour or so. Cut a bit off one of the heart pieces and try it.  It should have quite a silky, smooth texture but won’t yet be fully tenderised.  If that’s so, all is well.

If it’s still hard, chewy and cold, you forgot to turn the oven on. 

  • Season to taste, it should take a good amount of black pepper but be careful of adding too much salt as the stock cube may have addressed that need.
  • Pop it back in, making sure the fluid level is ok. After another hour or two it should be about there – try it.  If the sauce is too thin, use the sauce glossifier in Tricks’n’Tips.
  • Do your veg & mash and tuck in.


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