Bacon baskets:

Bacon baskets:

Now; this is a complete steal.  I hold up my hands. 

The good thing, though is that I could have nicked the idea from any of a dozen or more sources, so I hope I’m safe from litigation (it is a lovely idea, but it could have come from anywhere).  

However, I will give this link:

…because this particular page has the process beautifully described and pictorially illustrated to a level that I am unwilling to match – so why not just give them the credit….. 

I mean; what is a NEW recipe?  These bacon cups are great. 

Scrambled eggs, salads, anything!

Size….whatever size you wish, just use streaky bacon and drape it over something that you’ve covered with foil and sprayed with Fry-lite or similar…, weaving as y’go. 

Just remember that you must allow for shrinkage as the bacon cooks.

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