A really very nice indeed Non-Veggie breakfast pan…..

A really very nice indeed Non-Veggie breakfast pan…..

Inspired by watching Jamie – so he should take the credit. (Not ALL of it, mind…..)

Prep:           15 mins.

Cooking:      15 mins.

Course:        Breakfast/Snack

Serves:        As many as……

Rating:         1:  Very easy


  • As much bacon, as many sausages and as many slices of black pudd’n as you wish (you won’t need much, actually)
  • As many eggs as you want to use
  • Red & yellow peppers
  • Mushrooms of whatever description
  • Onions (make yer own mind up how many)
  • Garlic – you make the decision how many cloves!
  • Tins of plum tomatoes – half the number of people; that’s how many.
  • Oil, seasoning, chillies if you would like, Tabasco or Worcester sauce if you don’t.
  • You see, you must be ACCURATE with your quantities….. (Ha!)


  • Chop the meaty bits, de-seed & snip up the peppers, mushrooms – perhaps even a few pre-cooked chestnuts as well if you have ‘em – and pop ‘em into a large, well-oiled frying pan over a high-ish heat. Get ‘em all going and cook them well.
  • Chuck in a bit of water to take the bits of flavour from the surface of the pan (Jamie used a paella pan – you can use whatever you like).

Now do the calculation:

How many people (say 4); so that’s half of 4….. duh….

Ah yes, two cans of plum tomatoes.

  • Open the cans, pour in the juice and then take a table knife to the tomatoes to just cut them in the cans with a couple of strokes of the knife, randomly – you don’t want chopped tomatoes (otherwise I would have specified a can of chopped tomatoes, wouldn’t I ?…..) and pour them in. Keep the heat up.
  • Chuck in a few dried herbs, or fresh if you have them (torn-up basil leaves would be especially good, but that would be best just at the end), and get it up to boiling.
  • You can put the garlic in now as well. Peeled & sliced, or through a garlic crusher.
  • Season, mix in your flavourings, taste, etc. Turn down the heat.
  • When you are happy with the gorgeous taste, make as many holes in the surface of the mixture as you have eggs, cracking one into each hollow.
  • Don’t hang about though or they’ll be cooked at different times – get a wiggle on!
  • Turn out the heat, pop a lid on top (if you have one) or some foil if you haven’t and in about 3 minutes you should have a lovely breakfast suitable for your non-veggie friends.
  • Especially with the black pudd’n.
  • Serve it up onto toast or pop some into flatbreads of some sort, sprinkling the torn basil leaves on top as it’s served.
  • Great for sharing – Just scoff it!

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