Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo:

Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo:

Prep:           5 mins.

Cooking:      None required.

Course:        Snack/Lunch/Sandwich filling

Serves:        As many as…..

Rating:         1:  Incredibly easy

I am not one for tinned tuna.  I find it dry and unappealing.  However, this combination just works – even for me.


  • Can tuna chunks in brine
  • Can sweetcorn (can use frozen, but it’s not so easy)
  • Jar of mayonnaise (I much prefer Lesieur French mayo, but I doubt that you’ll be able to get it.  A nice, rich, yellow mayo will be ok)
  • A bowl large enough.


  • Open the can of tuna. Drain out the liquid (give it to the dog or cat).
  • Open the can of sweetcorn. Drain out the liquid (I wouldn’t give it to anyone – yuk!).
  • Mix the two together in a bowl.
  • Add mayo to taste.
  • Season with lots of ground black pepper & sea salt.
  • Or have it with a salad.
  • Or spread it onto bread for lunchtime sarnies.

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