Six Crusty Crab Cakes:

Six Crusty Crab Cakes:

(Six crab cakes of a crusty texture; not six crab cakes made from crusty crabs…..)

Prep:           15 mins.

Cooking:      10 mins.

Course:        Snack/Lunch

Serves:        6 as a starter, 3 as a snack, 2 as a main

Rating:         3:  Moderate

One would make a nice starter, two a nice snack, three a nice light main course.


  • 2 cans crab meat (use a discount shop like Aldi/Lidl as they normally stock it at an advantageous price)
  • 200g dry breadcrumbs (see Tricks’n’Tips for how to do dry breadcrumbs)
  • 250g potatoes, in mash form
  • Onion or shallots
  • Half of a green capsicum pepper
  • Fresh herbs – parsley, coriander, chervil, dill…… any or all (if not, just use dried Mick’s Terbs)
  • 1 egg
  • Whole grain mustard
  • Oil
  • Seasoning
  • Plain flour
  • Frying pan


  • Peel the spuds, cut into smallish bits and boil, then do the mash. Allow to cool. Remember to do the breadcrumbs.
  • Chop the herbs, the green pepper, the onion or shallots and throw into a bowl. Drain off the cans of crab meat.
  • Throw the crab meat into the bowl with a small dollop of whole grain mustard. Mix it all up with a fork.
  • Fluff up the cold mash with a fork so that it is light and airy. Throw in the mash and mix really well with a big fork – a carving fork is good, if you have one.
  • Taste, add seasoning. Make fishcake-sized circular crabcakes, squeezing everything together well.  To try to coat the crabcakes at this point would be suicide as they would simply break into itsy-bitsy bits; they need to set and settle first, so imprison them in the fridge, covered, for at least an hour, or preferably overnight.
  • Now to coat the little blighters. Ok, sleeves rolled up, hands clean, pinny (apron) on?  Here we go:
  • Crack an egg into a smallish bowl and beat it a bit to make it all sort of, well….. beaten. Put some flour into another small bowl, and the breadcrumbs that you did (you did remember to do them, didn’t you?) into a third bowl.
  • Just rub the surfaces and edges with your dry fingertips to encourage a tiny bit of moisture to the surface of the cakes, now roll them all in the flour to dust all surfaces. Done?    Now for the messy bit.
  • Take each cake in turn and coat with the beaten egg and immediately coat with breadcrumbs. They will not coat perfectly – they never do (well, they never do when I do them).   If necessary, dip and coat them again.  Arrange them on a plate, ready for frying.
  • Use your best frying pan (that’s right – it’s your ONLY frying pan) and put a good amount of clean oil in it. Get it hot (you may need to open a window and close the door to stop the smoke alarm going off….) and carefully place the crabcakes into the hot oil – be ready for them to spit a bit.  They need to form a cooked crust.
  • Turn when the crust has formed and they are taking a good colour.

Lovely subtle, stylish crabcakes.  

Serve with a salsa and salad of some sort – I suggest watercress

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