Saffron rice:

Saffron rice:

Follow Delia’s Perfect Rice, but put a good pinch of saffron  stems (available from health food shops, town markets, ethnically diverse shops) into the water & rice at the start of the cooking, giving just a gentle stir before putting the lid on the pan.

Varying the amount of saffron will give you different grades of colour.  I have to say that I think it looks great to serve Saffron rice with a light sauced meat or fish dish.  Saffron is generally regarded to be more valuable, weight for weight, than gold.  The strands are individual bits from the middle of the crocus flower and there are about 250,000 strands to a kilogram.  No wonder it’s expensive.  However, it can be bought in very small quantities for not too much.

Well worth the outlay and effort, I can tell you.

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