Piss-Easy prawns’n’rice:

Piss-Easy prawns’n’rice:

Prep:           5 mins.

Cooking:      20 mins.

Course:        Snack/Lunch/Pre-seduction nibble…..


Rating:         1:  Piss-Easy

Got left over rice?   Here’s a nice quickie meal or a fantastic ‘come-back-to-my-place-tasty- morsel-before-getting-down-to-it’ late-night snack.

For two people, Find:

  • Leftover rice in the fridge
  • Onion
  • Clove of garlic
  • Frozen peas
  • Frozen prawns – aw, come on….., don’t be a cheapskate – a few more than that……
  • A small amount of red pepper, if you have it
  • Possibly a splash of white wine if you have it, otherwise a splash of water – not red wine nor beer. You could use slightly diluted Pernod/Pastis and water
  • Oil & butter
  • Frying pan


  • Fluff-up the cold rice with a fork so that it’s not in great lumps and just keep it ready. If you don’t have any ready-cooked, just cook some!
  • Roughly slice the onion and the red pepper, finely chop the garlic (see Tricks’n’Tips) and gently fry them in the oil to soften, not to colour.
  • Add the prawns and the frozen peas – as many as you want of each. Get them heated through before adding the wine or water as they already have an ice element to them that will convert to water.
  • Add the butter and, turning the heat up to maximum, the rice. Keep the heat high.
  • The rice must be heated through thoroughly, and to quite a high temperature.
  • Taste it. Add seasoning to taste – it will take an amount of black pepper.
  • Serve it just as it is, or with a crusty buttered roll – ooh, I want some NOW.

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