Lemon Sole in white wine:

Lemon Sole in white wine:

Prep:           5 mins.

Cooking:      15 mins.

Course:        Lunch or main

Serves:        2

Rating:         2:  Easy – Honest, it’s easier’n’fallin’ off a cliff


  • 1 pack of 2 lemon sole fillets (hopefully from the supermarket reduced cabinet…….. just look)
  • Some left-over white wine (…..what’s that?) from something (quantity is immaterial, really, but it does need to be white)
  • Butter
  • Veg – whatever you have, basically, but having something green & something red is nice just for the colour range.
  • … or rice….. or couscous…….. who cares
  • Frying pan


  • Ok, do whatever veg & spuds/rice/couscous you want (I suppose a nicely flavoured couscous would be ideal, but…).
  • The fillets of fish (please don’t attempt this with whole fish, and don’t try filleting them either – flatfish are not easy) should be rinsed, patted dry with kitchen roll and placed carefully into a frying pan onto just melted butter.
  • Fry the sole on the skin side over a medium heat for a couple of minutes (note the usual accurate and specific cooking times ……not!), turn it over and turn up the heat.
  • Immediately add the white wine (only a glass…. unless you have more, in which case….) and bring to the boil quickly to evaporate off the alcohol (an excess of remaining alcohol would taste bitter – that’s BITTER not better).
  • Take out the fish using a wide spatula or a large fish slice and serve onto plates – be careful as the fish will break up very easily.
  • Boil the sauce a few moments longer and perhaps add a little more butter.
  • Taste and season accordingly.

The real beauty of lemon sole is that it cooks through so quickly.

This really could do with a cushion of something scrummy to put it onto.  How about wilted spinach?  Really Posh Cabbage?  Buttered sweet potato mash?  Red pepper confiture?

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