Katie’s FROACHED Eggs:

Poached eggs:

………or to be more exact: Katie’s FROACHED Eggs:

Prep:           2 mins.

Cooking:      keep watchin’ it.

Course:        Breakfast/Snack


Rating:         1:  Very easy – but very clever!

Our beautiful friend, Katie Compson, had a very short life.  She lived only 31 years before she succumbed to cancer.  Every death due to cancer is sad.  Every young death from cancer is a tragedy, but as Katie was so talented, intelligent and successful – as well as just plain gorgeous – it was a disaster like no other to everyone; her unfair death hit so many people so hard. 

Katie was very well educated and she used that quality education to such good effect.  She achieved such an incredible amount both before and after her degree.  She’d worked in Italy for six months, had been an intern for Bill Clinton and his team in the USA for 6 months and was working in Japan in a law firm, having learned several languages and the systems of law in each country, when she suddenly fell ill.  I’ve no idea how it all fitted into that beautiful head! 

My wife and I first encountered Katie in our local theatre when we were playing in a Christmas pantomime.  Katie was 16 and very nervous, but she had such obviously high intelligence and such a great stage potential.  My wife and I loved her immediately and we became firm friends of her and her family straight away.  Her sister, Sarah, is equally gorgeous and they both get all of their good qualities from their similarly gorgeous mother, Jenny. 

Katie, at this point a late teenager, showed me this method of poaching eggs one morning (well, it was morning to Katie – she’d actually just got up…. The ‘adults’ were already on the wine…….)

“You don’t need a big saucepan of boiling water or to do all this swirling crap” she told me.  Katie was never backward in coming forward, if you see what I mean.

  • Frying pan.
  • Boiling water.
  • 2 drops vinegar.
  • Egg in.
  • Wait.

And that’s precisely what she did.  If your frying pan is a bit on the iffy side, like mine, just oil the pan a little and spread it with a clean finger (you can just wash your hands, y’know…. no need to just choose one finger to wash – and do it before you put the pan on the heat ……obviously!).

  • Pour boiling water into the pan to about a half of an inch depth (1-2 cm) or so
  • Break as many eggs as you want into the same cup
  • Bring back to a vigorous boil
  • Add a few drops of vinegar; quite literally just a couple of drops. I don’t like to use malt vinegar, but you can if that’s all you have; the effect is the same. Just bring the water back to a good boil and turn out the heat.
  • Carefully tip the eggs into the pan, dropping them where you want them to cook, pop on a glass lid or an anti-spit mesh cover, then wait. The egg white will set as you watch.  I suppose just about 5 or 6 minutes?
  • Occasionally give it a bit of a poke to see if the white has set.
  • Gently pour away the majority of the water and lift out the eggs with a suitable spatula or fish slice. And scoff.  And think about the gorgeous young lass who showed me what to do.  I certainly do.   Every single time.
  • Of course, if you do some toast  whilst the whites are setting, you can have froached eggs on toast.

If you’d like to find out more about Katie and the foundation set up in her name, go to: http://www.katiecompsonfoundation.com/     I am certain that they’d welcome a contribution or two as well, if you find her story as fascinating as mine.

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