A really nice veggie breakfast pan…..

A really nice veggie breakfast pan…..

Prep:           10 mins.

Cooking:      10 mins.

Course:        Breakfast/Snack

Serves:        As many as…..

Rating:         1:  Very easy

A variation of a Mexican-ish anti-hangover breakfast of Jamie’s, this is a lovely way to have an almost English breakfast fry-up without the bacon & sausages (and we won’t even MENTION the black puddin’!)


  • As many eggs as you want to use
  • Red & yellow peppers
  • Mushrooms of whatever description
  • Onions (make yer own mind up how many)
  • Garlic – you make the decision how many cloves!
  • Tins of plum tomatoes – halve the number of people; that’s how many.
  • Oil, seasoning, chillies if you would like, Tabasco or Worcester sauce if you don’t.


  • Snip up the peppers, mushrooms – perhaps even a few pre-cooked chestnuts as well – and pop ‘em into a large, well-oiled frying pan over a high-ish heat. Get ‘em all going and cook ‘em well.
  • Chuck in a bit of water to take the bits of flavour from the surface of the pan (Jamie used a paella pan – you can use whatever pan you like; or, more to the point, whatever pan you have).
  • Now do the calculation:

How many people (say 4); now half of 4….. duh….

Ah yes, two cans of plum tomatoes.

  • Open the cans, pour in the juice and then take a table knife to the tomatoes to just cut them roughly & randomly whilst still in the can – you don’t want to use chopped tomatoes (otherwise I would have specified chopped tomatoes…..) and pour them in. Keep the heat up.
  • Chuck in a few dried herbs, or fresh if you have them (torn-up basil leaves would be especially good), and get it up to boiling. You can put the garlic in now as well. Season, mix in your flavourings, taste, etc.  Turn down the heat a bit.
  • When you are happy with the gorgeous taste, make as many holes in the surface of the mixture as you have eggs, cracking one into each hollow. Don’t hang about though or they’ll be cooked at different times – so get a wiggle on!
  • Pop a lid on top (if you have one) or some foil if you haven’t and in about 3 minutes you should have a lovely breakfast suitable for your veggie friends.
  • Serve it up onto toast, or pop some onto flatbreads of some sort. Just scoff it!

With many thanks to Jamie – it is based on his idea and I think that anyone with a good idea should be credited with it, even if it has been ‘Muddified’..

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