REALLY posh rice

REALLY posh rice:

 Prep:           5 mins.

Cooking:      20 mins.      

Course:        Side dish

Serves:        8  

Rating:         2:  Easy

Ok, now this is REALLY posh.  Have you or any of your family been to Greece recently?  Did you/they buy Ouzo?  If so, pin back yer eyelids fer this…….

This is not your NORMAL rice.  Not normal at all.  However, it is VERY SPECIAL  It requires a French rice (yes, I did say French) and a Greek spirit…. Ouzo.  (Actually, you can use French pastis instead).

France, or to be more specific the Camargue region (sort of middle of the French Med coast) of France grows a lovely tasting RED rice.  It’s great.  Follow this recipe and I will guarantee you that your guests will be over the moon with your cooking.

  • Half a cup of red Camargue rice (available in selected supermarkets)
  • A cup of white Basmati rice
  • A good, generous splash of Greek Ouzo or French Pastis
  • Salt.
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Saucepan


  • Ok, boil a kettle and put the red Camargue rice into a saucepan and put about four cups of boiling salted water on top. Keep simmering for half an hour or so, perhaps a little bit longer, it won’t make a scrap of difference if you forget and make it ten minutes longer!.
  • Use Delia’s recipe to make the Basmati rice (keeping to the timings so carefully set out by Auntie DeeDee).
  • When both are done, drain off the water from the red rice, rinse with boiling water from the kettle and mix the red with the white Basmati and add the freshly ground black pepper. Finally, add the ouzo or pastis.  Mix well.


Now, if you don’t think that this is the most exotic, fragrant, lovely rice, then I am a monkey’s uncle.  And I am not a monkey’s uncle. WOW.

 The Ouzo/Pastis and the red Camargue rice go SO WELL.  This is a completely new recipe; never seen before.  So, is it good?


It would be great with dishes that have a delicate flavour, just don’t overdo the Ouzo/Pastis.  For stronger flavoured dishes you can double the dose of booze.  …….Ok Colin, so quantify a ‘dash’. 

Well, a ‘dash’ would be something like a dessertspoonful I suppose…. one dessertspoonful to go with more delicate flavours (a white fish or similar) or two for more robust flavours like lamb or oily fish.

But whatever you do, don’t forget Camargue red rice. 

What a find!

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