Posh Cabbage:

Posh Cabbage:

Prep:           5 mins.

Cooking:      15 mins.      

Course:        Side dish

Serves:        6-8  

Rating:         1:  Very Easy

Posh cabbage, eh? 

So wassat then?

Well, cabbage is generally regarded as not cool at all, but if you want to impress someone ‘of a more ancient nature’, this really fits the bill.  And it tastes great too – not like cabbage at all.


  • Spring greens, Brussels tops or a good green cabbage like Savoy or Greyhound  (don’t use white cabbage – ugh2)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Oil – I use either olive oil or rapeseed oil with a dash of sesame oil, but you can use any oil you wish, except ‘engine’.
  • Frying pan (a deep one)


  • Break off and discard the outer grotty or scruffy leaves.
  • Break off the rest of the leaves and strip out the centre rib (the bit that gives the horrible smell and the ugh taste) with a sharp knife, leaving the more tender parts of the leaves. Wash and pat dry the leaves.
  • Scrunch them all up tightly together and slice them across to give thin strips about 5 mm wide. Shredded cabbage.  Give it a rinse under a cold tap.  Don’t dry them.
  • Heat a large frying pan or similar and put a splodge of oil in, then heat until it is quite hot, then chuck the shredded cabbage in and stir……… for a couple of minutes. The water from rinsing the cabbage will steam the leaves, the oil will fry/sauté the cut edges and the heat will do the cooking.  Clever, eh?  Yeah!
  • Putting food in front of guests requires a bit of thought, and one thing to consider is texture. So, chuck some sesame seeds in as well and keep stirring.  The amount of sesame seeds?  Well, how much do you like sesame seeds?  I suppose I use about a heaped dessertspoon.
  • Keep stirring for a minute, still on a high heat. The cabbage will not be soggy, just nicely steamed/stir-fried and the sesame seeds will add a texture difference as well as a lovely nutty flavour to the veg.  I think that you’ll really like it.  It is so nice and costs so little, it’s unbelieveabubble.

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