Colin’s Camargue Red Rice Mixture:

Colin’s Camargue Red Rice Mixture:

Camargue Red Rice is also lovely, so is wild rice, but these are both too weighty to be enjoyed on their own, so here is my preferred mixture.   I discovered it quite by accident as I found myself in the rice fields in the south of France very near to where we live for certain parts of the year.  It isn’t the Camargue, but the French red rice fields actually stretch down as far south as Narbonne, and so it was on the southern edge of the la Clape peninsular that we found the red rice fields.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found them all flooded with the waters of the Canal de la Robine.  It was a bit of a revelation!

If you want to impress someone with your cooking, try my mixture of around 10% wild rice, 30% Camargue red rice and 60% Basmati rice (all measurements are very approximate – you don’t need to count the grains).  It’s a bit of a phaf to assemble, but it is really worth it.  I mean REALLY worth it.

Rice swells when cooked, so you don’t need too much.  Half a normal-sized mug of dry rice is certainly enough per person and probably too much, so if you are cooking for 6-8 people, you need a total of 3 mugs of rice.

That is:  less than 1/3 mug wild rice and a little more than 2/3 mug Camargue red rice in a saucepan with at least three mugs of boiling water, making sure that the rice is well covered by a big margin as these two rice types swell a great deal.  Add a little salt, put onto a high heat and bring to the boil, simmering for at least 40 mins.  They are sturdy grains – they need a lot of cooking.

When time is up, drain away the remaining water, rinse thoroughly with boiling water from the kettle and set the rice aside.

At the same time as cooking the red & wild rice, use Delia’s wonderful method of cooking plain white rice, using 2 mugs of Basmati rice and 4 mugs boiling water, etc.

When the white rice is done, mix thoroughly with the red & wild, add a large knob of butter, lots of chopped dill and serve.

It is simply wonderful.

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