French bread appetizer:

French bread appetizer:


One thing that I really like to do (and to join in with) is something that is done quite often in some of the better restaurants in the Languedoc-Roussillon region and in other places in France; to have a small bowl with an amount of extra virgin olive oil and some balsamic vinegar (about 4:1 ratio, oil to vinegar) and some cut or torn baguette.  The bread is simply dipped into the bowl and eaten.  You need to use a nice olive oil (I use a good Greek EVOO that I buy from the market in my town) and you must avoid using the really cheap, thin, ‘value’ balsamic vinegar as it simply is not a nice enough taste, but the something like a mid-range balsamic should do fine.

This really simple appetizer is lovely and starts off a meal wonderfully well, setting the standard for the courses to come.

And yes, you ARE capable of keeping up to the standard – just stick with me, follow my destructions and all will be well.


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